"At first glance, though, Castle Age may seem just like these other titles... However, despite the familiarities, there is something deeper behind this fantasy RPG...Castle Age has certainly been a slowly growing game but one that has endured not only the test of time.. It is a game with beautiful artwork, deep story and play mechanics, and a complexity that is completely forgotten through its immersiveness."

-InsideSocialGames, Christopher Mack


Phoenix Age is a gaming startup specializing in mobile and social platforms, including Facebook, Myspace, and iOS. Since its creation in 2009, over 15 Million users have enjoyed Castle Age, one of our most popular games. Our latest game, Underworld Empire, a crime based role-playing game, is quickly climbing the charts, earning praises from users all across the world! We produce games that offer immersive universes backed by stunning artwork, making them the best mid-core games out there. With both innovation and artistry, Phoenix Age aims to continually raise the bar on social and mobile gaming.